Heading From the Utengule Coffee Estate and the spice island of Zanzibar come a select range of gourmet and speciality pure coffees and blends of exceptional quality and exquisite flavour. Using the best of Arabica and Robusta varieties, the Rift Valley range comprises four pure coffees and blends roasted to perfection and available for purchase through The Utengule Coffee Estate and The Zanzibar Coffee Company.

Rift Valley Prime

– a medium roast coffee with fine acidity and a rich and complex aroma that expresses a blackcurrent undertone simply perfect for a classic cup or Capucchino. Available in specially designed tins as well as bags.

Rift Valley Estate

– a deliciously dark roast pure Arabica coffee that is full-bodied and smooth with a long-lasting rich flavour.

Rift Valley Espresso

– a dark roast coffee comprising a blend of 80% Rift Valley Arabica with 20% Robusta that together produce an irresistible aroma with a subtle chocolate taste and floral notes.

Zanzibar Blend

– a rare and exciting speciality blend that combines a spicy Liberica coffee from Zanzibar with the finest of Rift Valley Arabica for a taste of the exotic. The Zanzibar Coffee blend comes in uniquely-designed tins.

Dar es Salaam Roastery

Rift Valley Estate and Rift Valley Espresso are freshly roasted every day at our top Probat roasting facility in Dar es Salaam. Orders are packed to the customer’s size requirements, either whole bean or roast and ground.

For the very best cup – Espresso machines

To ensure the most delicious cup of coffee, we supply branded Espresso machines with water softener, grinding equipment and maintenance services to the hotel and restaurant customers in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam who buy our gourmet coffees. They are available for purchase through The Utengule Coffee Estate and The Zanzibar Coffee Company.

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