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Single Estate Blends from the Rift Valley and the island of Zanzibar

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Why our coffee

Why our coffeeUtengule Estates has a unique story to tell and equally special products to offer. Given the start of cultivation at the beginning of last century, it belongs to the first Estates growing coffee in East Africa.

The farm survived world wars and many other changes in Tanzania but throughout history kept its total dedication to the production of fine Riftvalley coffee. Every cup reflects coffee cultivation history, quality and total commitment of all people living and working on the Estates.


Protection of the biodiversity, involvement, fairness and respect for the employees and careful usage of all resources are core elements of the way coffee production takes place on our Estates.

SustainabilityOnly such principles make it possible to maintain a rich flora and fauna and rare trees and birds can be seen throughout the farms. People visiting the farm always note the harmony between the shaded coffee fields, mountain streams as well as the large bush and forest areas.

From the farm to your doorsteps

From the farm to your doorstepsWe roast coffee daily in tune with the orders to ensure maximum freshness of the product. Parcels are made according to your order and sent off immediately.

Usually it should be at your doorstep within 3 – 5 days but it may take up to 10 -12 days if weekends and/or holidays fall unluckily between order and delivery. However, shelf life of our bags with freshness valve is long and there is no risk to quality.

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Island of Zanzibar Zanzibar Coffee House, Mkunazini Street, P.O. Box 4047, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Mainland Tanzania Utengule Coffee Estate Ltd, P.O. Box 4509, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Phone +255 754 948 781 ·

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