Heading The production and trade of spices made Zanzibar an important and rich place in past centuries and to this day the island is known for clove, coconut, nutmeg and pepper. Only few people are aware of another ancient Zanzibari tradition, which is the production and consumption of coffee.


Coffee in harmony with nature

Liberica coffee can be found across the island in smallholder farms, where these big trees grow in harmony with Mango, Cinnamon and Vanilla.


A different and rare variety

Liberica coffee, in contrast to Arabica and Robusta, is little known by coffee lovers, because the cup is strong and spicy, however, for Zanzibar it is the perfect match. Years ago the Zanzibar Coffee Company started cooperating with Zanzibar smallholder farmers, by introducing the wet processing method and by buying the coffee beans at a good price.

The result is a most exceptional, rich and spicy coffee which is indeed unique in this world. The total annual production is only 2 - 2500kg, hence it is a very rare product. Drinking this coffee means tasting the spice island - a wonderful experience and a privilege!